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Enter the Taper

I got on the train, took out my laptop, and was all set to work.  Only my laptop wouldn’t start.  Dangit I could’ve sworn I had it plugged in at my desk last night!  No plug with me (the train blessedly has some seats with outlets) so apparently I am not destined to catch up… (read more)

5 Obstacles to my 20-mile Run

Two words – Snooze Button. Procrastination that added a good 1/2 hour to my “get ready” routine. Started my run 1 hour late! Hills this Flatlander is not used to! It’s hard to keep up the pace when you’re busy looking at the ground for tree roots and large rocks Check out time is 12:00pm…. (read more)

1st run on Tybee Island

Monday was an all-day-in-the-car drive to the next vacation spot, tarnished by the bathroom pit stop that grabbed the last straw. My son had to pee – again (2nd in about 15 minutes) – an hour away from getting to the rental place, where we needed to be there to get the keys before they closed…. (read more)