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Team Volee

New little bird here — I’m always up to try something new, expand my horizons. ¬†Oiselle opened up spots on their Volee team and I decided to take the chance. ¬†It’s not an elite team (or at least not mine anyway, long way from haute volee over here), it’s a membership that comes with lots… (read more)

Slow is the Word

Slow.¬† That’s how I feel lately. Slow, oh so slow.¬† It’s this craziness of the taper when you’re tired and feel like you couldn’t possibly hit that race pace in a few weeks.¬† Or maybe that’s just me?¬†¬†¬†I got in 4.1 miles (that extra .1 made me feel a little better about not going a… (read more)

Enter the Taper

I got on the train, took out my laptop, and was all set to work.¬† Only my laptop wouldn’t start.¬† Dangit I could’ve sworn I had it plugged in at my desk last night!¬† No plug with me (the train blessedly has some seats with outlets) so apparently I am not destined to catch up… (read more)