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Orange Theory Fitness Event

I’ve heard quite a bit of hype about Orange Theory Fitness lately and was curious… but living farther south means there was no facility near me.  We don’t get all the trendy things here 🙂  Last weekend, I finally got a chance to join my Illinois Volée team members for an event.  We went to an Orange Theory… (read more)

Why I Run

Cross country camp wrapped up today for my eldest.  It’s been a busy two weeks with “camp” in the evening 4 days each week.  Seeing my daughter back in the game, combined with one of the “asks” from Coach MK as part of my training program, got me thinking about “why” I run. Running is… (read more)

The Big 4-0 – Day 1

Happy Birthday… to me that is 😀  It’s the big 4-0.  Thursday was just Day 1 of my 40th celebration, because even though my husband thinks I get just my actual birthday to celebrate, I’ve decided I’m taking the whole weekend. Precisely.

Team Volee

New little bird here — I’m always up to try something new, expand my horizons.  Oiselle opened up spots on their Volee team and I decided to take the chance.  It’s not an elite team (or at least not mine anyway, long way from haute volee over here), it’s a membership that comes with lots… (read more)