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Race Report: Happy Girls Half-Marathon Spokane

  Yesterday, I ran the Happy Girls Half-Marathon in Spokane, Washington as part of the Another Mother Runner: Run + Refresh retreat and as my goal race in AMR’s heart rate training coaching plan (on I had never run a trail race before, and must say that I was really unprepared coming into my… (read more)

Bring on Race Pace

It’s been a few weeks and work/back to school has gotten the better of me.  As I’m preparing for the Happy Girls Half Marathon 1 week (!) from today, I’m reflecting on what I’ve learned about race pace.  In training, anyway; the real learning will come next week 🙂 Race pace: that thing that I forgot about while… (read more)

HRT Week 8: Is it working yet?

Yes, I think it is!  Over the last eight weeks, I am surprised at how my mileage is getting better and better even while keeping my pace “easy” (HR < 140, < 120 – recover, < 130 – build engine) for the most part.  At the end of this week I have 31.3 miles, which… (read more)

Long run Saturday – end of HRT Week 2

Since Fridays are “free” run days – ie no heart rate limit – I decided to start going through the work outs in my Believe journal.  This week was a progression run.  Moved the pace up 1-2 speeds on the treadmill every mile – really made the run go by faster.  Started with 11:30 and… (read more)

Since last time & HRT progress

This was my Saturday “long” run.  Ninety minutes at heart rate about 140 with 20 second pickups each mile – the routine is pretty similar the first 2-4 weeks I think in the plan.  In the old days… or about a week or so ago… I would go slow by doing a 10 minute mile and… (read more)