2019 Goals: Big Things in Store

It feels a little early to be setting 2019 goals, barely into the 2nd week of December.  I’ve been thinking about this pretty much since Kettle Moraine 100k last year, however…

Not 100k, 100 MILES.  I remember when I first started running and thought “I’ll never run a marathon, that’s crazy.”  Not sure what will come next after I complete this race, which I know I will.  Maybe I will come to my senses and leave this as my cap in miles 🙂 

Kettle Moraine 100k is also in my plans for the upcoming year as a build up to the IT100.  Registration opens up January 1st.  My goal is to beat my time from last year, easily achievable in my opinion just by speeding up a bit through aid stations. 

Last year I spent a little too much time going through my drop bag, and at the half way point changed my full outfit and socks.  Next year, maybe just the socks.

My first ultra was the Christmas in July 12 hour.  For that race I trained with Another Mother Runner’s ultra training program.  AMR offers two plans: 50k and 50 miles both coached by Stephanie Howe-Violett.  The 50 mile plan I was on had min/max miles and minutes; perfect to adjust to whatever came up. 

For Kettle, I used the same plan but used the max minutes as much as possible and felt very prepared for the race.  Once I decided to take on 100 miles I started looking for training plans to get me there – they are surprisingly hard to find! 

Another Mother Runner only goes up to 50 miles.  There’s the Relentless Forward Progress book, but that is really just miles per day/week.  No real variety of speed work outs, tempo, etc.  It also doesn’t have cross training workouts.  Same for the ultra ladies plans you can find online.  Aimless miles just aren’t for me. 

Why are there no readily available ultra plans when 5k-marathon seem to be everywhere?  I realized I needed a coach.

This week I had an intro call with a coach.  Never having had an individual coach before, this is all new to me.  I’ve had online coaching and the opportunity to ask questions and make a few tweaks; never the chance to have everything personalized to my fitness/situation/life events.  I am pretty excited to see how this goes!  Kettle training should start this month.  


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