My Big Birdcamp 2018 Top 10

Photo: @camp_ihc

I have been going on annual running retreats as a treat to myself for the four years.  This year’s Oiselle Volée Big Birdcamp was an experience that will be tough to beat!  My Big Birdcamp 2018 Top 10:

1. Connecting with my Team

Photo: @ilvolee

..and 2. making new connections

..and getting ready to dance

Mallards Cabin ready for a fashion show!
Photo: @annieruth1910



















Photo: @jenhawleyprice

I wear my sunglasses at night… Goodr dance party

4. Track workout with Lauren Fleshman and Kendra Chambers

5. Meeting Pros

…and finding out that they are so down to earth and eager to give back to the running community:  Kara Goucher, Cat Bradley, and not pictured (HOW did I not get pictures?!) – Lauren Fleshman, Allie Kieffer, and Kendra Chambers.

Kara Goucher

Kara Goucher! So nice and down to earth …and my fuzzy phone screen dangit


Cat Bradley

Cat Bradley – who flew from Chamonix for our camp before having to head back to rock UTMB

6. The SWAG!

We each received a new pair of Salomon Sense Ride trail shoes, Nuun, Picky Bars, Goodr Runway shades, Miir water bottle, flock journal, and Disco Spandos!

not pictured: disco spandos

7. Zipline/Climbing


8. Fun at the lake

The water slide and iceberg were pretty awesome.

9. Flystyle sneak peaks!!

We got to see some pretty exciting new gear.  #OiselleNewSchool is out now – CAN’T WAIT to get items with the new crest – but there are some even greater styles coming soon for this fall, both for all and some special just for the Volée. (note: pics below added in Oct after Fall line released)

10. Supported long run

Long run.  Hills for days.

long run

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