RNR Chicago – More Cowbell

Cowbell in the rain!

Photo: @alijsch

The Rock n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon is held in July every year, so not surprisingly is notorious for being a very hot race.  I’ve run it once and have always passed on it after that because of the heat.  Of course, this year when we show up to cowbell it was a rain year.  Not so great for cheering, but if I was running it would have been a welcome cooling drizzle.

Rainbow of flyte. Photo: @jenhawleyprice

Rock n’ Roll is all about the music and we lucked out in our first location with a speaker directly across the street.  We cheered at about the halfway point until all the runners had passed, ducking under a viaduct when mother nature decided to let it rip for a little while.  We moved closer to the finish line to cheer some more and were treated to a live band doing a very good tribute to No Doubt.  I went in to the day just planning on cheering on some of our volee team mates and ended up seeing several others I knew running towards the finish – a nice surprise (and small world)!

One of my goals in recent years has been to give back more to the community of running instead of just running races, which is where the cowbell comes in.  Our local Volee group does a fantastic job of showing up for one another, whether volunteering, organized cheer squads at races, or just showing up casually to cheer someone on.  Since joining Volee I’ve volunteered at a couple races and showed up to our cowbell corner to cheer on our runners.  There’s something about that sense of TEAM that makes you want see everyone succeed.

In other news, I took my shoe question (fast shoe v. mid/long run shoe) to Facebook/Instagram and now have the Saucony Type A, Fastwich, and Nike Zoom Vaporfly on my watch list for sales.  I’m going to have to dig up my Runner’s World shoe articles to check that I’m going in the right direction (the recommendations have always worked for me).  I just need to find a good trainer as well for workouts so I’m not wasting wear on my running shoes when I go to the gym. I may need a little shelving room for shoes…


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