Goals: Sub 2:00 (Half) Marathon

After Kettle 100k, I was thinking about long runs in the heat of the summer and getting up at the crack of dawn to beat the heat.  I was also listening to Desi Linden on a recent podcast talking about how sometimes you have to work on what you suck at.  Getting up before 5am every Saturday makes me want to cringe, so I decided this is the perfect time to work on speed.  My new goal – to run a sub 2:00 (hour) half marathon.  My current PR is 2:07:57, set all the way back in 2015, which goes to show you how long it’s been since I’ve really focused on a road half.  I raced a local 5k on a whim a couple weeks after Kettle and ended up setting a 1:04 minute PR.  Here’s to keeping the PRs comin’!


Shiny new PR!

Kara Goucher developed a sub 2:00 half marathon plan in conjunction with Strava, called Project 1:59. The plan is very customizable for the easy run/rest days so it works with my early-morning-before-work running needs.  The overall pace would end up between 9:04-9:09, depending on if you are going for 1:59:00 or 1:59:59.  I haven’t started the plan yet, but have done a couple of the workouts to get a feel for it.  After lots of long, easy runs and much slower RP runs given the type of race I was going to be doing, it feels good to push the pace.

I chose the Fox Valley Half Marathon in September as my goal race – relatively flat, close by, and early enough in the fall where I can still fit in some longer races this year.  My training officially starts on Monday!

56 degrees v. last week’s 76 makes for a happy long run

I was reading Hungry Runner Girl’s post from the other day and she mentioned wearing different shoes for her warm up and the workout.  This got me thinking about whether or not I should be using different types of shoes for my training and racing.  I started out way back when in much more cushy stability shoes before I figured out that I actually need a neutral and like to feel closer to the ground.  I have been wearing the same shoes, with the exception of trail v. road, for all of my runs – long run, short run, workout, and racing.  For the past year or two I’ve been wearing the Saucony Freedom ISO.  The shoe feels very light but cushy at the same time.  Lately though my right arch is bothering me a bit so maybe I need more cushion for all this time on my feet?  My husband will definitely roll his eyes at the suggestion that I need even more shoes so I’m going to take this inquiry to Instagram and my Volee team to see where this goes.


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