NordicTrack Treadmill – the Worst Customer Service

Are you looking to upgrade your old treadmill or finally giving up your gym membership to buy your first treadmill?  If you’re looking at NordicTrack, buyer beware.  Though I purchased my NordicTrack Commercial 2950 two years ago, I have only gotten just about 1 year of use.  When it actually works it has great features, like the iFit routes of trails and the Boston course or the ability to work on tough inclines (up to 15%).  If you end up needing to call their 800# however you will be in for a ride.  Here’s why NordicTrack has the worst customer service ~

Hands off while under initial warranty
I was humming along just fine when one day my treadmill slowed waaaaay down and then stopped, making a screeching noise.  My first call to NordicTrack was met with a refusal to send anyone to look at my machine (not even offered for a fee despite my request), over the phone troubleshooting, and finally ordering a roller even though I told them it was “rolling” just fine.  The helpful customer service guy told me where to find some YouTube videos that would help me install it when it got here.  The husband and I spent way too long on that “easy install”; it’s a lot harder to get that belt aligned than it looks.

In for the long haul – hope you were looking for a part-time job
If you actually want your machine fixed, you had better be prepared to own it like it’s your part-time job:

  • Called about the roller. Alas there is actually a service plan I could buy where someone could take a look at it.
  • Service appointment day – just as I had been trying to explain, it was not the roller. It’s the motor.  The repair guy leaves after telling me he has to order a motor and then can come back out to fix it.  We were already about 2-3 months in at this point.
  • A couple months go by, no part, no call and by this point we’re showing a house for sale.
  • Few months later…I called again to find out what was going on. Motor was never ordered. We’re now moving and I need the treadmill moved to the new house. As we have no idea what we’re doing when it comes to taking apart a ‘mill I placed an order for them to dismantle from the old house (we have to transport) and put back together at the new house.  This was extra by the way.
  • The install guy for putting it together calls me right away, the dismantle guy does not. Moving day arrived with no call from the dismantle guy, so the husband had to take it apart himself.
  • I had to call yet again to insist on a refund for the dismantle service (which I did get).
  • The motor finally arrived and at least the install guy is prompt. As it turns out, they were supposed to send some parts whenever you dismantle/rebuild, but didn’t – screws, a new cord.  Close but no cigar.
  • I called, yet again, to order the missing parts because as the install guy explains, they don’t trust their subcontractors. I let them know the install couldn’t be completed without those.
  • We’re into the new year now – no parts, no call back.
  • I called for an update and despite being really clear about the order and getting an order number, the parts were never ordered. They place the order again.
  • The parts come in – yay! I called the install guy but am told the service order has to come from NordicTrack. Why they wouldn’t just place the order with the parts when I already explained it would be needed is beyond me.  Why show forward-thinking, common sense skills when you can place more responsibility on the customer instead?
  • I had to call.   This time I talked to the rudest customer service woman possible who spoke to me like I was a small child.  I had dared to explain how long they have delayed my treadmill getting fixed and she was only interested in telling me all the different departments of NordicTrack and whomever manages the extra warranty…. as if it is supposed to be my problem how they coordinate.  Nope.  I order from NordicTrack and they give me a phone number.  Whomever answers that number, it’s their problem to figure it out for me.  I could care less about the inner workings of their arrangement.
  • Not surprisingly after that really uplifting talk, several weeks later the install guy never calls and when I checked he never got an order.
  • One last call to NordicTrack to see what’s going on, no order ever placed, so I try again.
  • Thankfully this time the install order is actually sent through and we get a call within the week by the same install guy. After about a year without a working treadmill it FINALLY works again.

Now if you are a glutton for punishment I say go with it.  Otherwise, maybe try a different brand.


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