Derailed (slightly) by injury

right arm cast

It was bound to happen at some point… I’ve been pretty lucky so far to be running for several years with no real injuries.  A little muscle soreness, tight ligaments, nothing yoga and my chiropractor couldn’t resolve.  Last week I guess I got what was overdue – a little injury-related derailment by way of a fractured wrist.

Last Friday it was going to be a relatively nice day – temps in the 40s – so since I was working from home I decided to go out on a lunch run instead of running before the sun came up.  I was running around the snow and about a mile in, on the clear sidewalk no less, I tripped over my own feet apparently and went down.  They say you shouldn’t brace yourself with your hands, but that’s easier said than done.  I fell a little to the right, put out my right hand and of course – fractured wrist.  My knee was a little scraped but thankfully legs were fine.  The slow walk home cradling my wrist was decidedly not fun.

the temporary splint

That Saturday was supposed to be 12-16 miles and some cross training on Sunday.  It ended up being a rest weekend instead, cutting my weekly mileage by about 20 miles.  By Monday I couldn’t take it anymore and did 45 minutes on the elliptical at home.  Success!  Having the bars to hold to if needed helped  with my fear about being unstable.  Later that morning I saw an orthopaedist and got at least a 1 week reprieve from surgery.  I came home with a cast, which allowed a little more movement of my hand.  On the upside they let me pick the color and I got a few famous signatures – my kids Natalya, Esteban, and Cecelia.

This past week I’ve been walking and elliptical-ing in the cast, hoping not to stink the cast up to high heaven.  I am thankful at least that I can still type, write (like a 2nd grader, but still writing), and get some miles in one way or the other.

I haven’t run outside since this happened because I’m afraid to fall.  That ill be on the list for this week’s follow-up – otally forgot to ask the doctor about that.  Strength has taken a bit of a back seat but I have been attempting to at least do the leg exercise portions.  Yesterday’s workout on deck was 2-3 hours, 14-18 miles.  I did 16 on the elliptical to avoid the drizzle and the possibility of falling.

16 on elliptical

Digging in and getting the miles in regardless

35.8 miles so far for the week, and currently debating if I will brave it outside for today’s short run.  Gotta keep going when there’s a 100k on the schedule just a little over 3 months away!


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