100k Training – Base Building

Ever since I “found” ultra running and heard about Western States 100, I would think about how amazing that was that someone could run for 100 miles.  Still it seemed so far out of reach.  It still does – just a little less.  Last year I stopped doubting that I could really dig in and complete an ultra, and signed up for my first 12-hour race.  At the end of 2017, when I was planning for 2018 races, I found myself continually looking through races on the WS100 qualifier list.  On New Year’s Day I took the plunge a 2nd time and went just a little farther – the Kettle Moraine 100k.  As soon as I signed up, it was already time to begin base building.

I decided to use the same plan that I used when I trained for CIJ, which is developed by Stepanie Violett on the Train Like a Mother Club.  Since the long runs have mileage and time ranges, I figure if I go with the higher/max range on those then I should get enough mileage.  Strength training is also a focus of the plan.    Here is a recap of my last couple weeks (proposed for this weekend – with a race!).


Week of January 29th (week 7)

This is a heavier mileage week.

Monday – rest
Tuesday – Distance run 70-80 min (80 minutes, 7.6 miles)
Wednesday – Strength circuit 3 (3×8 reps, 25 minutes); Distance run 40-60 min (50:02, 4.78 miles)
Thursday – Distance Run 60-70 min with last 10 @ MP (1:10 last 9 MP, 6.4 miles), strength circuit 3 (3×5 reps, 18 minutes)
Friday – XT 30-60 min (30 minutes Jasyoga – Baby got back, hip stablity, stretching, and back trigger point)
Saturday – Long run 1.5-2 hours (1:48:25, 10.1 miles)
Sunday – Long run 1-1.5 miles (1:31:38, 8 miles)

Week of Feburary 5th (week 8)

This is a heavier mileage week.

Monday – rest
Tuesday – XT 30-60 min (30 minutes Jasyoga – reclined upper body reset, hip mobility)
Wednesday – Distance run 30-45 min (44:00, 4.2 miles)
Thursday – Strength circuit 3 (4×5 reps, 22 minutes);’ Distance Run 30-45 min (31:50 3 miles),
Friday – XT 30-60 min 
Saturday – Long run 50-60 min (may switch this with Sunday dependingo on race; Petit indoor relay in Milwaukee today ~ 6-7 mi)
Sunday – Long run 1-2 hours


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