2017 Recap and 2018 New Year, Big Goals

2017 was the year I took the plunge; stopped thinking about the ultra distance as something out of reach, transformed one of my big goals into a plan and signed up for a 12 hour race.  I learned that I can do really hard things and if I commit.

I started the year off training for Illinois Marathon, hoping to beat my time from 2016.  I didn’t quite make that goal, but I had a great training cycle and learned a few things about pacing.

I’m good with how my race turned out because in actuality it really should have been run as a training run anyway.  Mid-way through my training cycle I took that plunge and signed up for Christmas in July 12 hour and worked the marathon into my 50-mile training plan.  I did more strength training in the following months than I had ever consistently done and was well-prepared.  CIJ was a great race where I pushed past limits I didn’t think I could, running overnight on little sleep and making it to just under 50 miles.

In the second half of the year I sort lost some motivation.  I wanted to take it easy and just run “whatever,” and it wasn’t until about October that I got back into some semblance of routine.  Lesson learned:  I need a training plan to keep me going.  When I did get back to running more consistently I decided to do some different kinds of races to take advantage of the typical off-season:

A club cross country race with IL Oiselle team

club cross country

Oiselle Volee masters team

A local turkey trot

beer post run

A nice cold beer in the early morning after a rainy race

and a 50k relay (The Huff) with Oiselle Volee teammates

the huff

The finish – finally!

relay teams

Oiselle Volee relay teams – frozen but still having fun

2018 New Year, New Goals

Running The Huff kind of reminded me of my ultra and I decided to just dive in for 2018:

100k is a big goal, but if I break it up into manageable parts it won’t be quite as scary.  I already know I can run 50 miles, so what’s another 12-13?  Week 1 of training is almost done, 20+ to go!



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