New Year, New Goals for 2017

I may be jumping the gun a bit here, but I tend to think about the New Year’s resolution before the 1st of the year hits: New Year, new goals.  It’s been a relatively quiet year running-wise – focused on not over-racing and on training by heart rate (starting 2nd half of the year).  I PR’d in my 2nd marathon at the Illinois Marathon in April.  I ran my first true trail race at Happy Girls Spokane Half Marathon in September.  I learned what a easy pace run was actually supposed to feel like and kept myself injury free.  It’s what I didn’t do though that has me thinking about goals for 2017.


 1.  I want to race more.
I won’t necessarily race each of the events, but I definitely want to be at more events to experience the fun that motivated me to start running in the first place.



 2.  I want to set a PR and run a bigger event.
I’m running the Illinois Marathon again this April, hoping I’ll set another marathon PR.  This time I’m taking a break from the Train Like a Mother Club and instead using the Run the Edge marathon plan I got when I did the 2016 Run the Year Challenge, and modifying a bit to keep the spirit of heart rate training (read: all easy runs will be HR 140).  For my next big event though, I am almost certain it will be the TCM (Twin Cities) Ultra Looney: 5k and 10k on Saturday, marathon on Sunday.   If I can complete that challenge and not wonder what in God’s name I was thinking, then a 50k may be in my future.

3. I want to lose weight.
Losing weight has been somewhat at the back of my mind for a while but has taken a back seat to my training.  This year I really need to kick those last 10-15 lbs.  It’s going to require a lot of variation in my training – read some more speed work – to keep from getting so efficient that I don’t burn enough calories.  It’s also going to require a little outside help.  Another Mother Runner is having a nutrition challenge that I am considering to help me out called “Simply Nourish Like a Mother” (see catchy logo to the left :)).


It’s not all about running though, right?  My non-running goals for the new year may keep me just as busy; or one of them at least…

4. I want to buy a new house.  Eeek!  That’s a big task.  We have lived in our current place since before kids and it’s served us well.  However as my mom and aunt get older it would be nice to live a little closer and help them out.  Moving closer to them also means potentially saving anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour each way on my commute.  Just think about all of that extra time!  To think that I could let my kids sleep in past 5:15am on a school day (I know, poor kids!).  Having a bigger house would just sweeten the deal.  The thought of trying to sell our house and pack all of the stuff we’ve accumulated over the years, however, is frightening.

And the best for last, I want to play with my kids more.  We are always so busy that once we get a chance to be at home and settle in, we tend to get lazy and just “relax”.  My hope for 2017 is to get all of us with less screen time and more time on art projects (like the picture to the left, making “volcanoes” yesterday) or just sitting down and playing legos or barbies.  Cecelia got a doll house from Santa that’s taller than her that’s just begging to be played with and Esteban has a new lego table to allow him to keep his creations up for days.


What are your goals for 2017?


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