Vacation’s over and HRT week 10

Vacation is over. 🙁   It hit me Monday morning when my alarm went off at 4:45 and I soooo did not want to get out of bed.  I still had a headache carry over from the day before and I was just not feeling the desire to do my run.  My shoulder muscles hurt, my hamstrings were tight, etc, etc.   Luckily it was a work at home day – so I got myself together and decided I’d allow myself a slower start to the day.  I made myself some coffee (I could hear Coach MK in my head saying “Do you think caffeine affects your heart rate, did you really just ask that?”) and drank that while I foam rolled.  Not both at the same time mind you.  That would be dangerous for clutsy me.  I foam rolled my legs, used my poor man’s version of trigger point therapy balls (two tennis balls in a stretch sock) on my back and shoulders, and felt like a new woman.

Monday’s runs lately are 75 minute PUOS (pick ups on steroids), which means a 1 mile warm up followed by a 20 second pick up at about 10k pace every .25 mile, bringing your heart rate back to 140 in between.  This is much harder to do, heart rate wise, later in the run.  My run went fantastic and I followed it with SSSC5 (super short strength circuit – this week it’s clamshells, bridge, superman, push ups) and a resistance loop circuit.  My little Cecy and Esteban woke up near the end of my run and served as my cheering squad.  Ah…. I love my work at home (and vacation) mornings!  Week 10 getting off to a great start and feeling like I got some mojo back…


Last week was a vacation week but didn’t really feel like it.  We had a blast at Six Flags and got some errands done and swimming on Tuesday, but Wednesday-Friday really felt more like work.  A fun yet tiring work and so, so much worth it.  I volunteered at Natalya’s Girl Scout day camp leading the Junior troop including an overnight on Friday.


I got to show them all about getting a fire going for lunch, cooking – and a little solar box oven smores, setting up water stations, making sit-upons (Girl Scout speak for a cushion you make a cover for and can use to sit “upon”), hiking, and on and on.


Natalya came home with a bow and has been having a blast seeing how far she can get her eraser-tipped arrows to go around our house.

I feel like I got many more miles on my legs during the day than I’m used to and as a consequence was pretty tired in the morning when it came time to get my runs done.  Thursday, Friday, and Sunday runs were all cut a little short. But you know what, I got what I needed and at least I didn’t cancel a run! #winningatlife




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