Fourth of July Weekend 2016

It was a fun Fourth of July weekend in our household.  I’m still recovering from all of the time on my feet yesterday!  While I really wished I could’ve made the trip to Eugene and hang out w/ some birds – all the Instagram pics made Track and Field spectating look like so much fun! – me and the kids are doing the “staycation” thing instead.  Hotels in that area looked next to impossible.

After Saturday’s long run we headed over to our neighbor’s “pond” (looks more like a small lake) for a pre-Fourth party.  It was a little on the chillier side for summer but the kids didn’t care.  They swam and played in the sand…


went tubing…

a little blurry but in my defense they were going by kind of fast :)

a little blurry but in my defense they were going by kind of fast 🙂

and learned to fish


followed by some fireworks!

not a picture of fireworks but one of my fave from the night anyway<3

not a picture of fireworks but one of my fave from the night anyway<3

Sunday was a rest day, perfect because we laid around the house all morning (which was blissful), and we did some shopping.  Esteban and Cecelia had money burning in their pockets from their birthday party last weekend and Natalya was in desperate need of some more shorts.  Somehow a medicine ball and resistance bands ended up in my cart too.  Not sure how that happened.

We spent the actual 4th at Great America – after I got in a rare outside weekday run.  This week’s workout of the week is uphill high knees.  I worked that in the last 15 minutes of the run and was able to do 3×20 sec intervals.  I feel like those should’ve been harder so I’ll have to see if I’m actually getting my knees high enough next time.  By just a little before 10am we were on our way.  The park ended up being suprisingly uncrowded, nice bonus.


Got in few little kid rides so Cecy could have some fun first


We were making our way through rides speedy quick until I decided to wait in line w/ Natalya and Esteban for the Justice League 4D ride.  Yeah… 2 and a half hours later…. It was a fun ride at least.  I’m not sure it was a 2 hour wait kind of fun,

Cyborg giving us the deets before the ride

Cyborg giving us the deets before the ride


They even had an amateur wrestling match (WWE style).  Since that is Natalya’s current obsession other than cooking shows, she and her brother were just in heaven.  I’ll have to edit the video for length a bit before posting that one.

I’ll leave you with this… my little super heroes!



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