Global Running Day and End of School Year


I had high hopes for getting a great pic for #GlobalRunningDay this year, and also for getting up early to get in my run.  Neither of those two things happened.  First, I turned off my alarm when it went off at 3:35 am and then promptly fell back asleep for 45 minutes.  45 minutes takes quite a big chunk out of one’s time for a 1 hour run.  I had the day off the next day, though, so after dinner I decided I was going to get my #GRD run in after all.  It’s just not the same one day later.

I’m in week 4 of Train Like a Mother Club Heart Rate Training (Half Marathon Excellent plan), so it was a 1 hour easy effort (HR <=140) with 20 second pick ups each mile.  It had rained all day so was humid so it was hard to keep my heart rate where it should be. No luck with pictures either – of myself anyway.  They all turned out grainy, except for the great one I got of the sunset!



It’s….Summer?  Already?

The end of the school year has a way of just sneaking up on you.  I know it’s not officially summer but it’s summer in our house because school is now over and we have to pay summer program fees.  Right after #GlobalRunningDay was the end of the school year all-class picnic.  My kids’ school is pretty small, so they can fit all the kids from pre-K thru 8th in one picnic.  It was a rest day for me, so no running.  I’m pretty certain I still got my work out in by walking though – and maybe a little weight lifting in the form of a very cute 3 year old.  We walked with the kids the 4-5 blocks or so from the school to the park.  I took Cecelia with me too – class picnic w/ the kids and fun day w/ Cecelia all wrapped into one.  Win win.

A little three-legged racing, parachute, hula hoop, sack races…


And someone attached to my leg




Happy summer running!





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