The Big 4-0 Weekend

Friday is free run day with this training plan and boy do I look forward to it!  Chuy had the day off which means I got to run outside in the sun on a Friday – woot!  I chose a hill work out – 1 hour run with 6×30 sec hill sprints in the middle, walking the straights at the top of the hill and shuffling down.


Pace was in the mid 6s up the hill and I got my HR way up in the low 180s for those, spending a good majority of the time in the 150s.  Now that I know my aerobic zone is < 140 it’s interesting to see the heart rate chart and see just how high up in the “zones” I was judging just by heart rate.  Obviously you can tell I have loads of HR improvement to make.


I got to spend some time hanging out with my Cecy while the big kids were at school.  We played with puzzles, read books, and ate our lunch in the garage (with the door open… rain put a damper on our plans to eat out on the back porch).  I fit in a trip to the chiropractor and to get my hair done while my husband picked up the big kids from school.  Time to myself = priceless.

Friday night is also movie night so it was Zoolander 2 w/ the kids – borderline “kids cover your eyes”. Our zoolander faces – really bad picture quality, not sure what happened with my camera.


Saturday long run 1 hour 15 outside and finished last 15 on the treadmill so Chuy could leave. Sigh… At least I got outside this weekend.  The sudden heat wave is killing me though!


Amusement Center fun at my niece and nephew’s birthday party


Pool’s open for the summer!


Drinks with the girls to celebrate my birthday!


And then home to a surprise party my husband threw for me!  So sweet of him.  Unfortunately I kind of already suspected.  My niece asked me if our pool was going to be open “for the party” and Esteban kept saying “don’t tell her!” whenever someone mentioned me going out with my friends Sunday.  And the kicker – when my friends and I pulled into the driveway my mom’s car was parked right in front of my house.  Hmmm….  So he’s great for throwing parties but not so good at the surprise part!  Great night though – kids were swimming til their lips turned blue, arachera on the grill, and firepit and smores in the front til we finally turned in a little after 1am.  Totally forgot to take any pictures.



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