Long run Saturday – end of HRT Week 2

Since Fridays are “free” run days – ie no heart rate limit – I decided to start going through the work outs in my Believe journal.  This week was a progression run.  Moved the pace up 1-2 speeds on the treadmill every mile – really made the run go by faster.  Started with 11:30 and ended at 10:10 I believe (bumped up 2 speeds at miles 4 and 5).

90 minutes today on the treadmill, keeping my heart rate < 140 while being routinely interrupted to type in the password for my computer (someone’s iPod is broken – quite the disaster apparently), assess boo-boos (nothing requiring a Band-Aid), and yell at the kids to get in the shower.  Surprisingly this didn’t make my heart rate spike in the first half of the run.  I was about a 12:15 staying pretty consistently around 138-139 except for the pick ups.  I had to slow down last 15-20 minutes though, I guess my heart rate bumps up once I get in that zone that should be smooth sailing.

I’m testing out a new fuel strategy for these long and slow runs.  Normally I’d have a GU every 4 miles in a run longer than 7-8 miles, but it seems I shouldn’t need that quite as early if I’m not getting my heart rate really up there.  I had just a tab of nuun in my water bottle with this run and felt just fine!  I’m really loving coconut water after my long runs lately, and I downed that one pretty quickly after today’s run.

The rest of the day went like this…

Teaching Esteban how to mop


“Mommy will you push me on the swing?”  Of course!


A little Dairy Queen, followed by the TV being turned off and Esteban & Cecelia pretending they were on a rollercoaster




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