Since last time & HRT progress


This was my Saturday “long” run.  Ninety minutes at heart rate about 140 with 20 second pickups each mile – the routine is pretty similar the first 2-4 weeks I think in the plan.  In the old days… or about a week or so ago… I would go slow by doing a 10 minute mile and I’d cover 9 miles in this same time frame.  It’s going to take some getting used to taking it easy, staying in the aerobic zone.  I just have to tell myself it’s going to pay off in a few weeks.  Honestly it feels nice to just cruise along and not worry about pace but it is a little hard on the ego.

And then there was this…

Natalya taking aim at the dunk tank

Natalya taking aim at the dunk tank

Just a few hours at the school fun fair to round out our Saturday.  Sunday was a rest day and I listened to Coach and took the rest day seriously – no running, no yoga, nada.  I think I need to work yoga back in somehow though because my muscles are mad at me a little right now.  I did spend quite a bit of time working with the kids on their class projects though – a Ben Franklin board for one and an Arizona state model for the other, while giving Cecy something to paint to keep her happy while the other two were crafting.


This week is a repeat of last week’s routine training-wise.  I got in an hour with 4.83 miles (12:25 pace), and it feels like I am getting slower to keep my HR where it needs to be.  I start out fine but after the first 20 second pickup at current pace – 2 minutes it takes a while of even slower to get my HR back down.

I did the full 1 hour recovery run Tuesday ( I think I only did 30-40 minutes last week) which is a 120 heart rate.  Almost half the amount of miles in that timeframe but it did seem to help my body recover.  I was a little faster on today’s run by :10-:15 a mile at the same HR.   I had my cheer squad with me today too since I had the day off .  I don’t know why she always wants to watch me run but I love that she wants to hang out.


Each run in the plan has a SSSCs (super short strength circuits) at the end – which is about 5 minutes of a few exercises.  Last and this week it’s an ab exercise (forgot what it’s called), spiderman plank, push ups, and squats.  I’m not sure when push ups became so hard but I swear that when I was doing Nike Training Club work outs 1-2x a week I could do a minute of push ups no problem.  I apparently desperately need these arm exercises!



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