Heart Rate Training Week 1

Running slow is hard. Sounds like that can’t quite be right, but it’s true. I’m on week 1 now of Heart Rate Training with the Another Mother Runner HRT “Excellent” plan, aiming for a PR at the Happy Girls half marathon this September. It’s funny, I used to think, back to just a few weeks ago training for Illinois, that my 10-10:30 minute easy pace was, in fact, easy. Not so.

After a few practice runs last week and 2 runs into the official plan this week, I may have found what easy actually is. It’s a hear rate < 140 for starters. That means my pace needs to be between 11:30-13, depending on how my heart rate is doing that day. Wednesday I had quite a hard time keeping that pace. It seemed like every time I looked down at my Garmin my HR was closer to 143-145. I’d slow or walk to get it back down, and then be okay for a while and then bam – still going faster than I’m supposed to. Now my average was 141, so it wasn’t crazily off, but I noticed the pace difference between the 141 Wednesday and 139 from Sunday. About 15 seconds/mile.


I tried out my new roga shorts and flyte tank that I got at the Née sale (#OiselleVolée !), on my run along the Baltimore Harbor.  The different views I get to see are one of the few good things about travelling for work.  I love the tank – so comfy – but not sure the shorts are made for my thighs as the kept riding up.  I may try out the long rogas and see if they work out better.

Thursday was my first attempt at an actual recovery run, which apparently is HR < 120. That was interesting.


Check out that pace.  Aren’t you jealous?  This is the pace I needed to keep in order for my heart rate to stay < 120.  I shuffled most of the “run”, and at times needed to walk to get my HR back down.  No need to change the pace though – because I could walk and shuffle at the same treadmill pace.  Ugh….

Friday was a free run day.  All Fridays in this plan are free runs, which means whichever pace you want to do.  I decided not to get too crazy to avoid messing up my Saturday run, so I did HR intervals.  I did a warm up and then 2×3 min, 3×2 min, 3×1 min, all with 3 min recovery, and a cool down. For the warm up, cool down, and rest I tried to stay down in my <140 pace, which is about 11:30-12:40 and went to 10:00 for the intervals.  Really it was hard to bring my heart rate all the way down w/ only 3 minutes.


Friday night means movie night… and typically pizza night too.  After being away most of the week, I was really looking forward to snuggling with these three cuties and watching a few movies.   They don’t normally match their outfits on purpose – it was “wear purple” day at school in support of MPS (mucopolysaccharidoses) which affects one of our school/parish families.


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