500 miles and a horseback ride

I’m down to 3 mile runs now before the race.  That feels so weird – to have to only run 3 miles.  I did a similar route Wednesday as on Thursday, nothing special.  3 miles plus 3 strides, ended up with 3.14 miles.  Too bad it wasn’t pii day 😀  Today was rest or cross train so I just did a quick pilates routine  in my hotel room.  Surprisingly there was actually room for that.

The real fun yesterday was a nice little break from the office/hotel routine.  One of my co-workers who lives in town invited us all over to his house for a little get-together.  He has two horses and a shit-ton of land, I don’t know how they possibly have the time to keep up with all of that!  It has been ages since I have been on a horse, but of course since he has horses I had to ride one.  Only me and another coworker were brave enough apparently.

Being silly…  And check out the white stripes on my jacket.  This is one of my running wind/rain jackets and apparently I’ve just tested out its reflectivity – it doesn’t have stripes like that without the camera flash.


His wife walked the horse while I rode.  She asked if I wanted to try out riding her on my own, but all I could think of was  – I have a marathon this weekend; if I ride this horse on my own I’m gonna fall off and break my ankle.   So, maybe next time.  It was fun though and the horse was super calm.


FYI horses love mints.  I thought they were more into apples, but good to know.  I was expecting a little craziness, but we had a massive bonfire and pretty relaxing night.


I’m sitting at the airport right now, hoping my flight will be on time despite the rain, and praying my husband won’t have work Saturday after all.  My friend volunteered to take the kids for the day (which is awesome – God bless her), but they’d have to sit at a softball double header that I’m not positive will work with my 3 yo’s attention span.  Small miracle is all I’m asking for.

On another note – this happened yesterday:



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