Running on the road again

New Jersey this week for work, and anxious to have a normal week – at home.  Saw this when I got to the airport yesterday an hour before my flight.  Freaked out a little.


After we all got past the who-knows-what-sniffing dog the line fanned out and I was thru security within 10-15 minutes.  Got to make my flight after all.

When you’re staying in a hotel that’s in a business area instead of a metro type area, you have to be inventive to run outside.  The prospect of running on the treadmill in the tiny fitness room was not very appealing.  I looked up the area by the hotel on Google maps and found what looked like it might be a subdivision nearby, so I drove by there in the morning planning to run there and drive back.  It checked out (really a residential area) but I forgot my watch!  Then on the way back I noticed that although you have to go over an overpass, there was a walkway on the side.  So I got my watch and ran to the subdivision instead.

Not exactly scenic, but it’s outside so I’ll take it.


Nevermind the shadow version of me

Neighborhood was a little hilly and I got in some unintended hill intervals.  4 miles, with last 2 at RP.  Hit my paces and feeling ready for Saturday.  After recording my run on the Run the Year 2016 site (2,016, in 2016!), I’m apparently .56 miles away from the 500 mile milestone.  I guess I really should have run another 1/2 mile…


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