Catching up and one week til Illinois Marathon

I meant to run 3 miles on Saturday, I really did.  But I slept in and enjoyed my coffee instead 🙂  It was a weekend of parties.  A wedding shower and dance on Saturday and a birthday party and communion party on Sunday.  Saturday night I got to take Esteban to the mother-son dance – super hero theme (under armour marvel tees nowhere to be found when you need one).


Didn’t skip out on Sunday, though.  10 miles, last long run before my race.  Perfect timing for a run since my husband broke the news that he’s probably going to have to work the day of the marathon, so I am also most likely going to need a babysitter.  Lovely.  I haven’t been training for 4 months or anything.  No biggie.


A little break for Cecy to learn how to ride her bike (we’re not quite there yet)


Then a little birthday celebration with my mom, who turned 75!


One more party down and it was time to wash clothes and pack again….


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