Team Volee

New little bird here —

from my Welcome email

I’m always up to try something new, expand my horizons.  Oiselle opened up spots on their Volee team and I decided to take the chance.  It’s not an elite team (or at least not mine anyway, long way from haute volee over here), it’s a membership that comes with lots of benefits.  One of those is being part of a local and national team that brings more camaraderie, more people who are just as into running as I am, whom I can learn from.  I live an hour south of the city, so fingers crossed there’s more far suburbanites like me who bit the bullet too.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes.  I only wish I could have my racing singlet by next week in time for the Illinois Marathon but…. there will be gobs more races where I can show that off and pick out fellow birds from the crowd.

Yesterday was an easy 6 with 4 strides at the end, averaged right around 10:30 I think.  I’m trying to let myself not cringe at the higher numbers and really let myself run easy on those easy days. Today was a rest day and I gladly obliged.  It felt really good to “sleep in” until 5:30 am.  Tonight is my daughter’s sports banquet and our weekly tradition: movie night, so I’m pretty much slouching all day. Running-wise this weekend is easy – 3 miles on Saturday and 10 on Sunday – last long run weekend of the taper.  Starting to feel nervous about the race now….

I know what would make me feel better, and that’s an awesome new pair of run shorts. I happen to have a new discount code to use to get some team gear.  More Oiselle gear coming this way!


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