Running, Work, and HRT

The next few weeks are going to be crazy.  I feel like I saw that all the time, actually.  But it’ll be crazier anyway.  This week I’m in Baltimore for work.  It’s been a little while since I’ve had to try to balance my training schedule around flights and all day long meetings, but the bright side is at least it’s during the taper.

What I love about travelling (besides sightseeing, though I don’t get to do too much of that when it’s for work) is seeing the town on foot.  No better way to do that than by running.  Yesterday, this was my view:


And this:


5 mile run – 1 warm up, 3 tempo, 1 cool down.  Tempo paces: 9:16, 9:00, 8:39.  The 8:39 didn’t feel as hard as I thought it would and that’s making me look forward to race day!  Today was cross training so I just hit the gym and did a Nike Training Club workout – heavy on the squats.

I’m trying to decide if I’m going to join team Volee or not.  I love the idea of being part of the Oiselle (non-elite) team, and having an even larger running group to help motivate and meet up with.  I also love the idea of the Oiselle discounts.  I just live so far out in the ‘burbs that I’m pretty sure I’m not really close to any other team members.  I will probably have to go to the city (ie Chicago) for team events.  Phoning (messaging but whatever) a friend who’s been a volee for a while for a little perspective.

Heart Rate Training
The Another Mother Runner heart rate challenge is $150.  That’s a lot of dough.  I get it, it’s a long plan, 20-24 weeks I think.  But still, a lot of dough.  So my other goal tonight is to do some more HRT research to see if it’s going to be the thing for me.  I know I really want to be in that place where I can run long, like marathon or ultra long, and not feel like I’m going to die at mile 22.  So, if HRT can help me do that it may be well worth the $150. There is supposed to be a nice incentive to combine with their upcoming Run+Refresh retreat in Spokane.  I had such a good time at the one in Little Rock last year (4th from the right on the blog post about the retreat), that I am all about going this year.  Who am I kidding?  I already know I’m going to sign up for both.


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