Now THIS is running weather

With my husband working Saturdays, my long run moved to Sunday so that left a fairly open Saturday.  The weather here was beautiful.  It just begged us to head to a park, so that’s what we did.  First things first  – this house needed some TLC so the kids actually cleaned up their toys and I got all the floors cleaned.  It’s amazing how you can do nothing else but clean the floors and it’s like you have a whole new house.

I was still itching to get in a run so we combined the two.  We headed to the park where there’s a track surrounding it and I got in a couple miles while the kids played.  Cecelia joined me for my 3rd lap, so it was an interesting one.  We had lots of back and forth on the straight line, a few water breaks, even a piggy back ride, and finally a hand-in-hand push to finish the lap.  She tells me she wants to be a runner like me when she grows up <3<3

Ah, if only we all could run in cowgirl boots…


Then it was time for some serious play.



Today (Sunday) it was bright and sunny for my 7:00am run.  Did I mention I love spring?  Well, I do.  14 miles today, with easy pace “feel” a little slower than usual at the beginning (around 11:00 pace) but evening out to overall 10:30-ish once we got our groove.  The path is a little hilly in places so when we get to the flat areas it makes you feel speedy.


And bluebells are now out, it’s getting pretty!


I’ve decided that after this marathon I need to work on speed and hills, and I’m thinking heart rate training may be just the thing to help (hopefully).  I listened to the Another Mother Runner podcast today where they spoke a lot about HR training and I think it’s worth a shot.


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