Slow is the Word

Slow.  That’s how I feel lately. Slow, oh so slow.  It’s this craziness of the taper when you’re tired and feel like you couldn’t possibly hit that race pace in a few weeks.  Or maybe that’s just me?   I got in 4.1 miles (that extra .1 made me feel a little better about not going a full 5) yesterday and 4.32 today.  Both were at such a slow pace!

Yesterday’s run was actually on my elliptical machine.  I haven’t used it since I got my treadmill and I figured it was just the thing I needed for my achy legs and feet.  I forgot how good it feels to have the pressure off my legs but still feel like I’m getting in a good work out.  Still, they were slow miles.  I’m also trying to tell myself that they are supposed to be slow.  I’m not supposed to race every run.  But it’s hard to see that pace, ya know?  Lauren Fleschman posted a pic on Instagram the other day about just this topic so it was so timely for me.  It was about giving in to the easy run to let your body recover so that you can truly improve your speed.  I just need to ignore the watch/treadmill display.

Today’s run was on my treadmill and was a nice 4 miles at super easy pace followed by pickups – 6×20 seconds with 10 second rest – overall just over 11 minute pace.  I used the iFit workout to run 3.57 (why on earth would they go 3.57 and not 3.6 or 4? is there really no way for the program to turn around and end on an even #?) along the Niagra Falls route, which was pretty cool.  It had some incline up to 3.5 so that was good practice as well.  I then did a quick start to finish up my 4 and do the pickups.  That last part was .75 miles in 7:48, so that part was 10:24 pace.  I hit up to level 6.3 (9:31) on the pickups.


When I got upstairs after my run Cecy woke up and noticed my running clothes.  After I took a shower and got dressed she said “but I didn’t get to see you run!”.  I love that she likes to watch me run and thinks running is a cool thing to do.  Sometimes she runs around the house and says she has to get “do her running”.  She’ll mock being out of breath and pause to catch her breath.  So cute <3

Completely unrelated and random thought – but we’ve actually been talking about moving lately.  Right now I have 1.5-2 hour EACH WAY commute for work.  My husband is in construction so his work location varies.  Recently it was 5 minutes from the house!  But now it’s in Chicago down the street for me so he has a long commute too though his hours are earlier.  This makes our evenings so completely hectic and I feel like we just don’t get that quality down time as a family.  I’ve been looking at companies that have to do with running and where they are headquartered to see if I can envision us living there.  It might be time for a change.  I’m not sure if it’ll just bring us closer to where we work now or somewhere in a completely different part of the country.  But I know that we need something different.


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