20 miles done – FINALLY!

My husband had to work yesterday – my normal long run day – and had to referee today at 1pm.  I didn’t get to finish my last 20-miler last week so I was NOT missing it this week!  I set my alarm for 6:00am.  On a weekend.  A cup of coffee and bowl of oatmeal later and I was on my way.  I had forgotten to post in my run group until last night, so that meant that I would be doing this one on my own.  I chose a nice place to run at least, so that I could have some nice scenery to take my mind off of how ungodly long this run was going to be.   This training plan is a somewhat more aggressive one, targeted at a PR, so this would be my third 20 mile run.  The weather forecast also called for rain to start by 9:45 am, so I steeled myself, resolved to suck it up, and brought my rain/windbreaker and a hat.

Before the run – no rain yet.  Hat – check; waterproof  windbreaker – check; ultimate direction vest w/ 60 oz Nuun water – check; 4 GUs – check; headphones – forgot at home 😀


I headed out for a couple out and backs – 8 on one side, 12 on the other.  Miles 1-4 were slow, but a good warm up.  At mile 4 I turned around and had a GU and the next mile was 9:35!  So far so good.  I had Another Mother Runner’s podcast going (and no headphones means everyone else got to hear it too – lucky them!), which was excellent timing I think.  They had the 3 mother runners on that are running Boston for Hylands.  So happy for them that they get to run the race they qualified for after all!  It was inspiring to hear the stories and made it easier to keep plodding along.

The next few miles felt great as well.  I had a hard time slowing down even thought I knew I should be taking it easy.  Bathroom stop once I got to the middle.  This trail has real bathrooms that heated. This is also part of why I chose this trail today.  If you have to go in the middle of a run, why not in a heated bathroom?


The other half of the trail is much more flat, perfect after the hills I had last week.  Not as many runners passing by today but still enough to make it not as lonely out there.  There was a large group of walkers way up ahead that I used for my mental tricks to “pull” myself up to them and be able to pass them up.  By the 2nd turn around at mile 14, I needed those mental games!  They’re not in this one. I just liked the view.


And then there was this little creepy thing along the way that made me glad I had mace in my vest.  Look up in the trees and notice the stuffed leopard and hair dryer hanging in the trees.


So far no rain!  I was playing mental games quite a bit and allowed myself to relish the stopping points at intersections (this trail has quite a few).  When I had 1/2 mile left to go there were finally a few sparse raindrops to be seen.  I ran my last .10 strong at 9:00 and beat the rain!  I was getting in a stretch at my car when it turned into a drizzle and then became a downpour by the time I got in the car.  Sweet!


Hot shower (that felt like heaven) and recovery yoga when I got home.  Now the kids and I are about to get into a heated game of Rummikub.  Love lazy Sundays <3


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