Feeling Sluggish – it must be almost taper time

Yesterday was a rest day and so completely busy but just work and the typical home stuff, so not too much to share.  Is it sad that I felt like I was sleeping in when I got to set my alarm for 4:30am?  No garage de-cluttering yesterday but I did take a stab at the mail pile that is oh, about a mile high.  A little bit at a time…

Today my alarm went off at 3:35am.  Crazy.  That 5 minutes though, it makes a difference.  Next time I should do an odd number like 3:37.  As soon as I walked out of the bedroom, Cecy had woken up and for some reason was super wide awake.  She saw my running shoes and said “Mommy I want to see you run!”, so I got to have her as a cheering squad for my treadmill run.

See? Wide. Awake.

See? Wide. Awake.

Also some DVR’d shows to catch up on – Shadow Hunters and Nashville.  I know Shadow Hunters is supposed to be a teen-type show, but I love it (and after watching a few shows, have decided that my 10 and 7 yr olds probably can wait a few years before they can watch it…).  Anything supernatural really I’m all about it: Harry Potter (love!), Twilight series, almost any movie or show with a witch, vampire, or werewolf. I can’t be the only one? Maybe it’s a geeky thing – a girl in IT who likes sci-fi probably isn’t all that unusual 😀


Today’s work out – tempo.  4 miles @ 9:41 and 1 up and 1 down, overall 6 at 10:06.  I wanted to stop at 2.  Not sure if it was the early hour or just my body feeling overworked at this stage in my training cycle.  The marathon is 3 weeks away!  I had to pause a few times to hear Cecy talking to me.  She can be loud when she wants to but oddly enough when I need to hear her over the treadmill and TV she is very quiet.

My cheering squad fell asleep somewhere between miles 4 and 5.  Good thing I got her dressed and brushed her teeth before heading downstairs so I didn’t have to wake her up to get her ready for daycare.

Passed. Out. Isn't she the cutest thing ever?

Passed. Out. Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?

Post-run stretch – I’ll be retiring these bad boys pretty soon. Once I’m past the marathon I’m going to be a little adventurous and try out some of the new styles I’ve seen.  I was on the Saucony site last night looking at their World Majors series of shoes and I want them all!!  I mean it would be a fantastic gift from my husband or someone, just saying.  I could keep them to use when I get into the lottery for each of those races – my goal is to run all of the majors.


It’ll be a busy day at work again today – so glad I have running to help work out all that stress and keep my sanity!  My project is getting into full gear again now that we have a firm and unmovable (or do those two really mean the same thing?) go-live date.  I’ll be doing some traveling which will be both good and bad.  At least I’ll have some scenic runs in my future!


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