Easy run day and Clutter day #1 progress

My husband had to referee a soccer game so I was on my own last night.  After putting the kids to bed I kept my resolve a tackled a box.

Before & After – one less box of junk in the garage!


A coat, blanket, and sewing machine manual put away to their rightful place; some junk thrown away; a full bag of clothes/toys in my trunk ready to be donated tomorrow; and a Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag in excellent condition that I decided I will try to sell (so it’s being washed). Then I gave myself permission to stop at the one box, which is why I still had time to write in my believe journal and get a little work done before bed.  A successful night!

Today’s Run

Today’s run was 3 miles easy.  Or it was supposed to be anyway.  To change things up I chose an iFIT workout and for some reason, maybe the early morning sleepy fog, chose one that decidedly not “easy”.  Today became a hill work out that’s for sure!  The Cape Town South Africa route goes from -3% incline at it’s lowest to 12.5% at it’s highest.  Whoa.  I’m surprised I didn’t walk up that incline.  I did have to hold on to the handle bars as I ran for a little bit though.  I’m good with that but my thighs might be a little mad at me tomorrow morning.







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