Race Pace Miles and Day at the Beach

Wednesday I decided to get in my miles a little earlier so everyone wasn’t waiting on me so long to go swimming.  How nice of me, right?  I had to be a little more inventive with my route to make the full 8 miles.  The weather was beautiful again, though a little windy.

The plan – 8 miles with mid 6 at race pace.  What I did – 1 mile warm up @ 10:11, miles 2-6 between 9:29-9:33, mile 7 @ 9:16, and cool down mile @ 10:13.  My race pace miles were actually about 10-15 seconds faster than my 9:45 goal pace but I’m happy that I was able to keep a pretty consistent pace since that has been an issue for me.  I don’t have a problem getting up to race pace, I just usually can’t keep a consistent pace and I often run too fast early on and get tired too soon.  I’m hoping with a pace group during the race I’ll be good.

The rest of the day we attempted to head to the beach but it was so windy that we only stayed there about 10 minutes.  I took the kids on a guided beach walk from the Tybee Marine Science center while my husband got our tire replaced.  The kids got to see and learn about live starfish, sand dollars, crabs and shrimp, learned where the sand on Tybee beach comes from, and other interesting facts.  They even got an impromptu turtle talk and learned about turtle conservation and care when Cecy ran by where they were cleaning the aquariums.  The employees there are super nice!

No pictures of the beach walk or run oddly enough, but here’s this one of the kids with there “weak willies” while I had my full string “wet willy” slushie.


Thursday the weather was beautiful so we finally had a proper beach vacation day and alternated between the beach and hot tub all day.

Natalya jumped in waves while Cecelia & Esteban buried each other in the sand


A glimpse of the set for the rumored Baywatch movie


Today was a driving day, leaving the beach behind …  Tomorrow is the big day – last 20 miler before my marathon!


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