Nashville Sightseeing Run

Happy Easter!


We slept in Easter morning and although the Easter Bunny did end up finding the kids all the way in TN, without Easter baskets the spread wasn’t as good as normal.  We just had the hotel breakfast and took a walk before church (they have a 12:10pm mass here – now that’s what I’m talking about!).  Lunch was at Biscuit Love which I did indeed love – incredibly yummy hot chicken biscuit sandwich and bonuts (biscuit donut stuffed with lemon creme with blueberry compote).


A trip to Walmart was required to get a little of the spread the kids missed out on.  They now have crayons and drawing pads for the trip to GA and bubbles and beach buckets for when we get there!  Once the food all settled I decided I’d get that 4 mile run in finally.  Since our stay in Nashville is short – I made it a sightseeing run.  Nice, slow pace, and oh just a little bit of hills 🙂

The State Capitol Building


Just an example of the hills on this “easy” run.  I have to search long and hard for that at home.


Country Music Hall of Fame (with weird name cutoff due to panorama effect gone bad)


The Ryman Auditorium (original home of the Grande Ole Opry)


Union Station Hotel. We saw this one earlier from the back side while walking to Biscuit Love so I was surprised that it was a hotel and not an active train station. Almost laughing smile due to a couple who wanted to bum a cigarette off me (right… the runner, in the middle of a run, is the one who’ll have a cigarette), wanted to know if I had seen their friend w/ a mohawk and train on his face, and then thought I was taking a picture of them…


Frist Center for the Visual Arts… just because I love the tree and the giant bug on the flowers


On to Georgia!



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