Road Trip! Day 1


Today we’re headed out for a road trip.  I got up early to get my coffee and oatmeal in peace before helping the kids get themselves and all their bags together.  Once they were all set I finally got to head out of the house.  It’s a 6 1/2 hour trip to Nashville, but with three kids I’m thinking closer to 7/8 hours in the car.  Yeah, I did need a run first 😀

Today I had 15 miles scheduled and decided I could fit in 11.  That just leaves me an excuse to need to run 4 miles Easter morning in Nashville which I’m kinda looking forward to…   My husband had a dentist appointment I had a work around too, so I chose a nice, quiet, country road to get in 8.4 miles outside at a nice, easy pace.  It was pretty windy but the weather just felt beautiful and it really set my day on the right path!  I finished 2.6 inside on the treadmill with the last mile at a slightly stronger finish pace.  Overall both runs were around 10 minute pace.

Since we’re going to be gone for Easter my mom and aunt came down by us for some brunch, which was just perfect right after my run.  Nashville is a pit stop of sorts before we head out to the coast, and we have a condo so we’re taking a bit more than we might on a typical vacation (although renting a condo is becoming more of our norm as of late).  We got all packed up and headed for brunch and with full bellies headed out on the road.  As I type this it’s about a quarter to 5, we have just over 3 hours to go, and I think we’ve stopped for bathroom breaks twice already.  We’re about to stop for our third. Just have to tell myself we’ll get there eventually…



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