St. Paddy’s Day 2016

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Today I only slept in a couple minutes after my alarm went off at 3:40am.  Yes.  3:40 in the morning.  No matter how long I’ve been at this, it still seems crazy to me.  I got downstairs to do my run on my treadmill (not in the dark outside! – plus too windy today) by 4:00am.  The goal was 6 miles, but I ended up doing 5 in 51:43, becoming at peace with what “easy” is supposed to be.  I had to stop a couple times for a bathroom break because the treadmill seems to um… jolt things around a little more… or maybe it’s just one of those days.  I went at a nice, easy pace starting at 5.5 rpm for a mile and moving to 5.8 for the most of it.  I alternated the incline between -.5 to +.5 and even to -1 for a couple minutes.  Most of my time was at an even 0 though.

No google maps today, just a visual of how many laps I did on the “track”.  I didn’t need a good visual since I was watching TV anyway – an episode of Shadow Hunters that I recorded.  I recorded the series for the kids originally, then decided the content wasn’t really appropriate for my 10 and 7 year olds, so of course I keep recording it now for me.  Why yes, I do like vampire/witch themed shows aimed at teenagers.  The treadmill is feeling better but is still feeling a little harder than when I’m on the road.  I guess the good side of that is that it’ll help my speed for when I do my outside runs.

I’m glad I got a solid 5 under my belt for today, since it’s St. Patrick’s Day!!  I’m about 1/4 Irish but I like to really own that 1/4 on days like today 🙂  My older kids go to a private school and usually don’t get to dress up on special days like this.  They have a new principal this year (and will have yet another new one next year, don’t even want to get started on that) and he has been letting them dress up for fun days like today and Valentine’s Day, which is a nice change.  I’m so used to not buying themed outfits though so I had to scramble.  Natalya just so happened to have a St. Patrick’s Day shirt, she found some leggings w/ some green in it, and I didn’t have to do too much convincing to get her to let me put a Shamrock and green ribbon ponytail holder in her hair.  Esteban had a green shirt to wear at least but not really themed, so I let him use my shamrock leg warmers (that I have for my race this weekend) to use as arm warmers. Cecelia had no green.  As the one who’s in daycare she had the most opportunity to dress up so major fail for me on that one.  I did get her to wear a rainbow themed shirt but she refused to wear the other matching shamrock ponytail holder.  She is sure an individual, that’s for sure.  We were supposed to have corned beef and cabbage for dinner but I forgot to buy cabbage and also forgot to put the corned beef in the crockpot before I left for work.  I left a message for my husband hoping he’ll stop by during lunch (he works 5 minutes away) and put the beef in for me.  We’ll see.  We may be having a very non-St. Patrick’s Day themed dinner.  I do plan to drink up some festive calories tonight though 😉

Time to sit back the rest of this train ride and check out the new Women’s Running mag issue with Nadia Aboulhosn on the cover.  I’m loving the current trend of acknowledging what real runners look like (those of us who aren’t elite)!


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