My NordicTrack Arrived!

On the training schedule for Monday: 9 miles – 1 each warm up and cool down and 10x 4 min zone 5 with 3 min recovery.  This run I felt was perfect to try out on my new treadmill.  I just had to wait for it to actually get here.  Since I didn’t have to run in the morning I had a very exciting morning of yoga (desperately needed for still store muscles), sorting dirty clothes, sitting down with a cup of coffee, and paying bills.  Don’t be jealous.  Well, the yoga and coffee parts were pretty good, I guess.  I go the kids out the door in time and continued with my day of laundry and work – schedule adjustments, email, and communications which seems like it shouldn’t take so long, but are incredibly time consuming for some reason.  Oh, and moving furniture too – it occurred to me that the couches would need to be rearranged to fit the treadmill and that the carpet underneath them hadn’t been vacuumed in Lord only knows how long.  So I moved the couches a couple times and vacuumed up the carpet so it looked like I clean my house, ha!

My treadmill delivery was scheduled for an 11am-3pm time window.  So of course that means that they got there just after 2pm, eliminating the possibility of a lunch time run.  I paid for the “white glove” service so they could bring down to my basement for me and put it together.  Of course once they got there and I saw the size of the thing up close and personal I realized it was going to have to go against the opposite wall (the ceiling is lower in that area near the stairs, probably covering pipes, etc) unless I wanted my head to graze the ceiling (and I’m only 5’4″).  So I moved the couches again and got to get back to work while they put everything together.  By the time they were done I had to go pick up the kids, so my run didn’t get started until 4:30.  Better late than never I suppose and I was excited to try this thing out!

My husband's nickname is Chuy... in case you're wondering about the sign

My husband’s nickname is Chuy… in case you’re wondering about the sign


Before I started my work out I didn’t do anything crazy, like the glimpse through the manual and figure out how it works or anything.  I just found the option to do a planned work out where you put in your target miles and I hit Start.  I started at a level 6 for warm up and it felt so HARD for some reason.  I swear I was at 0% incline but it still felt like I was doing a tempo, so I had to slow down.  Several times within the first few minutes I had to yell at my son, as my kids were running about the basement playing, to get away from the treadmill.  He kept trying to step on it while I was running, giving me several mini heart attacks!  I am going to have to sit him down and explain how dangerous that can be but I’m sure it’ll slip his mind the next time he gets the urge to step on it anyway.  The treadmill feels more wide open than my elliptical, so I have to figure out how to make it seem off limits.  I got through my work out but only completing 6 of the 9 miles as I felt I needed to use my inhaler (I have asthma) near the end. Crazy!  I did 1 warm up mile, 5×4 min w/ 3 min R, 1x3min w/ 3 min R, 1 mile CD.  Still a great work out, especially for late afternoon which is a complete rarity for me.  Overall pace 10:04, not bad considering going at 10:30-10:40 -ish pace for several sections.


Before I went to bed I decided to finally read the manual and realized I had to calibrate the incline (who would’ve thought?) and download software updates.  So I did that as well as turned off the cushion setting to see if it made a difference.  This morning’s run was 4 miles with 6×10 sec pick ups w/ 20 sec rest in the middle there.  It felt so much better and I was able to maintain at least a level 6 (10:00 pace) for a good portion in the 2nd half of the run.  I tried out the sample iFit workout and a did my run virtually on the Monterey Coast.  Very interesting!  I loved getting the visual of running outside using the Google Street View for that work out.  I ended up with 10:14 pace today since a good portion of this was easy pace.  The treadmill incline automatically changed to match the elevation of the Monterey Coast, going from -1.5 to 1.5.  Even though today’s run was a little slower, I feel like it was more challenging since I had more elevation changes.


The model I purchased is the Commercial 2950.  It has the cushion option for the belt, iFit, a holder for your tablet, 2 fans, a varying incline (15% to -3%), and web capability on the 10″ display.  I am looking forward to using this as a cross training work out as well by really increasing the incline and walking – yes you read that right, walking.  Meanwhile, outside it’s in the mid 50s and is more outside running weather than inside.  Unless it rains on Thursday (my next run) I’ll probably be outside instead of in.  I’m really liking the NordicTrack so far though!


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