IL Marathon Training Week 9

Week 9 already?  I’m starting to get excited as April gets closer and the weather gets a little better.  Faster pace has felt easier lately, so hoping this translates well into getting that PR come race day!  This week is another kick back week (so to speak) since next week is another 20 miler.  The theme for this week is: Speed Work.  On deck for this week:

Monday: 7 miles – 1 ea. warm up/cool down, T: 4×1 w/ .25 mi recovery
Tuesday: 4-5 miles – 4 miles plus 10 strides
Wednesday: Cross train
Thursday: 10 min ea. warm up/cool down, I: 8×4 min w/ 3 min recovery
Friday: rest!
Saturday: 13 miles w/ 15 min strong finish

Yesterday I worked at home and started work early before the kiddos got up so I could carve out some daylight hours to run.  I ran 2 miles to the park nearby that has a track, did a few miles and ran back.  I love speed work on the track!  Some of my tempo paces got up to 8:45-8:50 and the whole run averaged a 9:23 pace.  Fantastic run.  I need to look more into tempo though, because I’m pretty sure I’m all over the place when it comes to my pace. I hit a new 10k record according to my Garmin. Yay!

New 10k record!

                              New 10k record!

This morning was back to 0’dark:thirty, so I decided to stay in and go on the elliptical so I could watch TV.  I did an easy 4 miles followed by 10 strides.  It’s hard to get a true “stride” on an elliptical so I just did 15-20 second bursts of speed with 20-30 seconds rest and stopped on an even #.  Ended up with 4.7 miles at a 10:00 pace overall.  Hoping the rest of my runs this week go as well!


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