I’m So Tired… But the Grammy’s Are On

The hard part about a 7 miler on a week day is that you actually have to get up at an ungodly early hour to accomplish this before getting yourself and three kiddos ready for work/school (assuming you have 3 said kiddos as I do).  Monday are supposed to be my work at home days.  I had to go into the office today because I had some new folks joining the team, and well someone had to be there, so my alarm had to be set to 3:45 am.  I used the elliptical this morning but still by the time I get dressed, brush teeth, scarf down a banana, and “run” 7 miles it’s easily 5:20.  Which means I left late.  Of course lately I can never seem to make it out of the door at 6 am anyway (convincing my kids to get ready quickly is not working).  One of these days I’m just sending the 3yo to daycare in PJs.  Why not?

Still, I made my run today so that at least was a success.  Tomorrow is a cross training day which means some Nike Training Club – loving their workouts!  A mere 30 minutes seems totally doable and I’ll get to “sleep in” til 4/4:15 am. Meanwhile, I’m still up watching the Grammy’s because Little Big Town is singing and the kids have only been in bed less than an hour.  9:30 pm comes around and I’m like a little kid who keeps falling asleep but won’t go upstairs to bed out of fear of missing out.  Can I get just 2 more hours in the day?  I swear I’ll use them to sleep.


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