2019 Goals: Big Things in Store

It feels a little early to be setting 2019 goals, barely into the 2nd week of December.  I’ve been thinking about this pretty much since Kettle Moraine 100k last year, however…

Not 100k, 100 MILES.  I remember when I first started running and thought “I’ll never run a marathon, that’s crazy.”  Not sure what will come next after I complete this race, which I know I will.  Maybe I will come to my senses and leave this as my cap in miles 🙂 

Kettle Moraine 100k is also in my plans for the upcoming year as a build up to the IT100.  Registration opens up January 1st.  My goal is to beat my time from last year, easily achievable in my opinion just by speeding up a bit through aid stations. 

Last year I spent a little too much time going through my drop bag, and at the half way point changed my full outfit and socks.  Next year, maybe just the socks.

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Race Report: Run of the Dead Elimination Run

Run of the Dead mug
Sweet finisher’s mug

Run of the Dead Elimination Run is a “fat ass” style race put on by Libertyville Running Company, held near Day of the Dead.  Racers run ~ 4.25 mile (my watch came in slightly under)  loops, having 1 hour to complete the loop.  If you can’t complete in an hour then you are eliminated [side note: this gets harder by loop 6 but still an hour is pretty generous].  You can run 2, 4, or 8 loops for 8.5, 17, or 34 miles.  This is not a chip-timed or even anything-timed race.  The only awards are for those that win the last loop in each category (# loops and male/female) and 1st-2nd male/female in each loop category for running the most legs up the hill.  Those that decide to take the hike up the hill are rewarded with either a jalapeño lager or margarita.  I would buy the jalapeño lager – it was worth a few runs up the hill!

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Breaking 2 at Naperville Half

FINALLY!  After Fox Valley (and the heat, and the missing sub 2 hour by just a couple minutes), I noticed the Naperville Half Marathon was a short 5 weeks away and just might work for Plan B.   I took a rest week after Fox Valley, taking a few walks and short runs before doing a 6 mile “long” run at the end of the week.  The next week I re-started the last 4 weeks of my Project 1:59 training plan.

The weather starting getting a little cooler and the runs starting getting a little bit easier without the heat.  I even got to do a 3 hour training “walk” as one of my long runs by pacing Ann Trason at Hennepin 100.  She was speed-walking the full 100 (had a blast, may just be back to race it myself).

With Ann at Hennepin Hundred
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