Banana Teff Pancakes

Banana Teff Pancakes

The weekend after Kettle I was still resting, so I didn’t do a long run.  This left me with lots of time for breakfast, plus we had my niece and nephew over making it 5 kids in the house, so of course I made pancakes!

I wanted to use my Teff flour and make the Run Fast Eat Slow recipe.  Being summer though I wasn’t really in the mood for pumpkin (plus I didn’t have any!), so I made a revised version with bananas.  We practically always have bananas in this house.  These turned out great – same texture as traditional pancakes.  The kids loved them too, which we all know is the real test.

the ingredients

First mix teff flour (make sure it’s flour and not plan ‘ol teff), cinnamon, salt, and baking powder ( all the dry ingredients) together in a smaller bowl until well combined.

mix dry ingredients

In a larger bowl, lightly beat the eggs, like you would if you were making scrambed eggs.  I used two types of coconut milk in this recipe to add a little bit of creaminess from the canned coconut milk (and yogurt) without making it too heavy by balancing with plain Silk coconut milk.  Use the full fat version of the canned version and the plain – no sugar – Silk coconut milk.

For the yogurt I used Siggi’s whole milk yogurt with a touch of honey, which is why I only added 1 tablespoon of honey to the recipe.  If you’re using plain yogurt, then you may want to add an extra tablespoon of honey.

Add in the two coconut milks, yogurt, honey, and vanilla extract.

wet ingredients

Whisk all the wet ingredients until well combined.

whisk wet ingredients

Nevermind my thumb. I know I need a manicure.

Fold the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients and whisk to combine.   In the same, small bowl used for the dry ingredients mash enough bananas to make 1 cup ~ about 2 bananas.  Mix well.

all mixed

Cooking pancakes is pretty basic, just make sure to use a nonstick pan.  Heat the pan up a bit and for good measure I spray with nonstick olive oil cooking spray.  For the kids I usually make 4 small pancakes.  Wait until the pancakes are good and bubbly before turning over.

ready to turn over

Enjoy!  (recommended with bacon :D)

This recipe makes about 30 or so depending on the size you make, plenty for freezing for later during the week. See the recipe below [modified from Run Fast, Eat Slow].

the recipe


Race Report: Kettle Moraine100 – First 100k!


Kettle Moraine 100k.  I have been thinking about this race as a pie in the sky goal on my way to another pie in the sky goal of eventually running 100 miles.  My first 100k seemed achievable yet unachievable at the same time.  I posted about it as soon as I registered because if the goal was out there in public I would be more likely to have to work towards it.  As I got closer to the race and I told more people about it I started to get a little nervous.  “What if I DNF and then have to explain to people that I didn’t actually run 100k?”.  Silly, I know. Read more »

Race Report: The North Face Endurance Challenge NY Bear Mountain

finisher photo

The North Face Endurance Challenge (ECS Series) New York was not my goal race.  I have wanted to try a more technical trail race and run the 50 mile, but I wasn’t sure about how I would do with the cutoff times since I am not used to that kind of elevation here in flatland midwest.  The stars aligned and #ECSNY happened to be the weekend of my big long run in my training plan to prepare for the Kettle 100k: 5-6 hours, so I signed up for the marathon distance.  My goal was to get in my training run, take it easy, and see how I would perfrom on the technical trail without it being my goal race.  Perfect, right?  This course is no joke, though.  Maybe I have foggy brain over how difficult it felt in the thick of it, but the verdit is that I’d race it again.  50k next time? Read more »

Running on Vacation – Puerto Vallarta


We typically go somewhere south for spring break.  In past years it’s been Florida, South or North Carolina, Georgia.  This year we decided to finally get the kids their passports and go to Mexico.  Running on vacation is kind of the norm for me.  My family already knows that I look for every opportunity to make our vacation a “runcation.”  I’ve generally been in taper mode for a race – half or marathon – during this time.  This year however I happened to be training for the Kettle Moraine 100k, and not on a cut back week.  It wasn’t until we were a couple weeks out that it hit me that deciding where to go for 2-3hour long runs was not going to be as easy as it is back home.


I feel like I had about 1/4 to 1/2 of my suitcase dedicated to running clothes and gear.  I wore my running shoes on the flight so I’d have more room in my suitcase.  The fact that I planned to be in a swimsuit or shorts the remainder of the time helped make room!  Here’s what I brought that helped me sail through: Read more »

NordicTrack Treadmill – the Worst Customer Service

Are you looking to upgrade your old treadmill or finally giving up your gym membership to buy your first treadmill?  If you’re looking at NordicTrack, buyer beware.  Though I purchased my NordicTrack Commercial 2950 two years ago, I have only gotten just about 1 year of use.  When it actually works it has great features, like the iFit routes of trails and the Boston course or the ability to work on tough inclines (up to 15%).  If you end up needing to call their 800# however you will be in for a ride.  Here’s why NordicTrack has the worst customer service ~ Read more »

100k Training – Base Building

Ever since I “found” ultra running and heard about Western States 100, I would think about how amazing that was that someone could run for 100 miles.  Still it seemed so far out of reach.  It still does – just a little less.  Last year I stopped doubting that I could really dig in and complete an ultra, and signed up for my first 12-hour race.  At the end of 2017, when I was planning for 2018 races, I found myself continually looking through races on the WS100 qualifier list.  On New Year’s Day I took the plunge a 2nd time and went just a little farther – the Kettle Moraine 100k.  As soon as I signed up, it was already time to begin base building.

I decided to use the same plan that I used when I trained for CIJ, which is developed by Stepanie Violett on the Train Like a Mother Club.  Since the long runs have mileage and time ranges, I figure if I go with the higher/max range on those then I should get enough mileage.  Strength training is also a focus of the plan.    Here is a recap of my last couple weeks (proposed for this weekend – with a race!).


Week of January 29th (week 7)

This is a heavier mileage week.

Monday – rest
Tuesday – Distance run 70-80 min (80 minutes, 7.6 miles)
Wednesday – Strength circuit 3 (3×8 reps, 25 minutes); Distance run 40-60 min (50:02, 4.78 miles)
Thursday – Distance Run 60-70 min with last 10 @ MP (1:10 last 9 MP, 6.4 miles), strength circuit 3 (3×5 reps, 18 minutes)
Friday – XT 30-60 min (30 minutes Jasyoga – Baby got back, hip stablity, stretching, and back trigger point)
Saturday – Long run 1.5-2 hours (1:48:25, 10.1 miles)
Sunday – Long run 1-1.5 miles (1:31:38, 8 miles)

Week of Feburary 5th (week 8)

This is a heavier mileage week.

Monday – rest
Tuesday – XT 30-60 min (30 minutes Jasyoga – reclined upper body reset, hip mobility)
Wednesday – Distance run 30-45 min (44:00, 4.2 miles)
Thursday – Strength circuit 3 (4×5 reps, 22 minutes);’ Distance Run 30-45 min (31:50 3 miles),
Friday – XT 30-60 min 
Saturday – Long run 50-60 min (may switch this with Sunday dependingo on race; Petit indoor relay in Milwaukee today ~ 6-7 mi)
Sunday – Long run 1-2 hours

2017 Recap and 2018 New Year, Big Goals

2017 was the year I took the plunge; stopped thinking about the ultra distance as something out of reach, transformed one of my big goals into a plan and signed up for a 12 hour race.  I learned that I can do really hard things and if I commit.

I started the year off training for Illinois Marathon, hoping to beat my time from 2016.  I didn’t quite make that goal, but I had a great training cycle and learned a few things about pacing.

Read more »

It’s Been a While….I’m Back!

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted, but I’m back!  I think the business of the year and the culmination of my A goal (completing my 1st ultra) just took a lot out of me.  It’s easy to get swept up in all else that is going on and just keep saying “Well, maybe tomorrow I’ll have time.”  As I’m thinking about plans and goals for 2018, I know that one of them is going to be to keep up this blog as both an outlet for me and hopefully great information for those of you reading it.

A lot has transpired for our household in the 2nd half of 2017 – here’s a recap:

August ~ I went to Oiselle’s (Volee) Bird Camp, and it was a-mah-zing!  I had a wonderful time meeting new teammates and doing what I love for the long weekend.  I still need to write a post on this.

bird camp boat trip

Heading for a boat tour

September ~ We moved!  September was a crazy month of preparing to move, trying to sell our old house, painting the new house, figuring out where shit goes…!!!

new house

First family dinner at the new house

October ~ Cowbelling!  I cheered with my Oiselle teammates at the Chicago Marathon until after the sweepers came.  Also, Halloween <3

Chi Marathon 1

#Cowbell #ChiMarathon

Chi Marathon 2

#OiselleVolee #ChiMarthon #Cowbell #Nuunlife


Halloween 2017

November ~ First and foremost – my baby girl turned 12!  I tried out cross country with an IL Volee masters team.  It was cold, rainy, and pretty fun!


Birthday Girl!

team cross country

Oiselle Volee Masters Team

December (to this point…) ~ Concerts galore – band, choir, Christmas…  and then there’s winter running and these stairs!

Swallow Cliff


My First Ultra Race – Christmas in July 12-Hour

Crossing the finish line with Esteban, Natalya taking our picture

Doesn’t that picture just exude excitement and accomplishment?  Between 11pm Friday night and 11am Saturday morning I ran 50 miles in my first ultra.  It’s unbelievable to me even as I write this.  My goals for the Christmas in July 12-hour race were to be able to finish the full 12 hours and to make between 40-50 miles during the event.  To know that I achieved my goal on all fronts in my first ultra almost makes me crazy enough to think I could do another.  These things are addicting….  Read more »